Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new love

I found an awesome blog {Create and Delegate} over the weekend and have been drooling at months and months of blog posts... I love finding a new inspiration site! I fell in love with this dress...and had to immediately make my own. I opted to gather the top just because of the print shirt I chose. I would have pleated it otherwise. This is what I came up with: Off to explore the world we love... I originally intended it to be a birthday gift for Moo, but I tried it on her for fit and she wouldn't take it off. I will take that as a success!


  1. Love this version of the create and delegate dress! I saw that one too and wanted to try it. Yours turned out great - and what a cutie you have there.

    Thanks for your super sweet compliment on my blog! So happy to have you! I'm going to peruse a little bit more now...