Sunday, December 13, 2009

testing, testing...

I have been picking up knitting the last two weeks, and started AND finished 10 hats in 12 days. Wow. Five of these are for Christmas gifts, I still need to make a little boy hat and then Christmas knitting will be done.
I am still new to knitting, and have not ventured with anything too fancy. However... after my mom brought this book over, I knew I had to try something new. I love all three 'One Skein Wonder' books {hint hint hubby}. Just missing the other two...
Well, after a few tears and a 'yarn over' lesson from my mom, I felt confident and began knitting. Three + hours and 24 rows later, I realized the hat I was making for myself would fit my two year old neice who has a small head. Oops. So, out came all those stitches. I went up a needle size, grabbed a Diet Dr. Pepper and began again. Hope my guage is right this time!

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  1. Congrats on learning to knit! I just picked it up myself, but all I can do is knit and purl, and I purl by accident. My mom taught me to knit, but between her right-handedness and my left-handedness I switched the knit stitch in my head and ended up purling the whole thing! Now I'm on my own cuz I can't find ANY left-handed knitting books :-P
    Your hats are SUPER cute though! I found this website
    and have made 2 hats from them so far. SUPER EASY and cute!