Thursday, December 24, 2009

Finishing touches

I have spent the last week working on finishing all the gifts I started in October with great intentions of getting done early. Oops. So this week I have:
made my mom a necklace... this one I actually started this morning because somehow I missed her on my list...
Sewn this fabric Frosty the Snowman book for Moo,Finished binding this quilt for my Sister-in-law's mother, who will be joining us for Christmas.This quilt took 12 hours to quilt, and I used 27 bobbins! Not sure I will do pebble quilting this small again, but I love the finished look. Thank goodness it's just a lap quilt!
I have also almost finished a doorway puppet theatre (another post on that later), made a dozen scrapbook pages for my mother-in-law's book, made a dress for a friend's daughter, sewn 8 microwaveable rice bags for an order, finished knitting a hat, and beaded 3 lanyards for namebadges for a coworker. Thank goodness my family is okay with pizza, frozen noodle dinners and spaghetti for dinner!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the advice on quilting! Now I'll have to bug my husband to get me a mat and rotary cutter! I am too impatient to ever go back and fix things, so I just let them be ruined. Perhaps I'm too impatient to really work on any big projects :-P
    Congrats on finishing that quilt! It looks amazing!