Wednesday, April 18, 2012

crazy sleepless sewing

All three kids have RSV and are in different stages of being sick. Moo came down with it about a week ago, and she is just now beginning to feel a little better. Both girls are off oxygen during the day, and only Bug needs it at night. Mr has been fine in that regard, but he coughs so hard he pukes. So keeping him hydrated has been a chore! All three still spike fevers now and then so I have to be on top of that all day and night too. Ugh.
Some how in my sleep-deprived state Bug convinced me to sew some clothes for her Barbies. She is an amazing sweet talker, because I said yes. So, inbetween breathing treatments, tylenol doses, oxygen saturation checks and Pedialyte, I got some done!
I used Jess's tutorials for all but the pink dress, for that I was just winging it, and it totally looks like it! Ha! I have a couple more in the works, but not sure I have enough energy to complete them!

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  1. You poor dear! I can't believe you have to go through this every year! Poor little kids too! Good luck on getting more rest soon and I love these barbie dresses! makayla has just gotten into Barbies... sometimes, so I may need some more clothes for them soon!